Definition of ‘refucktoring’ in English


Pronunciation: /r??fakt????/

verb (refucktoring; past and past participle refucktor/r??fakt?/ )
  1. In computer programming – to make something differently shitty by re-working poor software with the result also being unintentionally shitty software. Side effect of poor attempt at refactoring.

    ”the PHP dev team did some hardcore refuctoring between php3 and php4. Look at the poor attempt to implement OO!”

    ”we should fire John, look at this horrific refucktoring he did of our previously simple codebase”

  2. In computer programming – to make some shitty software differently shitty in order to facilitate a further refactor.

    ”yesterday I spent hours refucktoring some terrible ADO.NET code so we can migrate to Simple.Data!”

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