David Develops...

David Develops...

4/6/2009 12:07:13 PM

A little bit of site administration...

Anyone who writes on the internet will happily tell you that the best way to keep your readers happy is to carve out a niche and devote your time to well researched detailed content.

I've always treated davidwhitney.co.uk as a traditional "home page". It's my blank canvas, and I intend to keep it that way. However, a lot of my content is straying deeper into more technical topics that don't flow with the rest of the content.

In an attempt to tighten the focus of my writing, I've registered the URL http://daviddevelops.co.uk (following the tried and tested practice of terrible "developer name in title" blogs!).

The actual content of the two sites is the same, they run off the same database, the same tables. David Develops is a subset of the content available on davidwhitney.co.uk. Siphoning off the develop-oriented content also allows me to use an alternate site layout more applicable to technical content / posting source code. No more red-on-black source code samples.

If you are only interested in the technical content available I'd recommend you subscribe to the feed available on that site rather than the main davidwhitney.co.uk feed, because you don't want to end up looking at pictures of cats.

Due to the shared database ("David Develops" is a quickly carved up version of WordPress that grabs specifically catagorised posts) any comments you post here will be visable on the other site, and vice versa.

I expect that by refocusing I'll be able to cover more topics in depth in the future, on both sides of the fence, guilt free.