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Video Game One Liners

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Terrifyingly I’m struggling to find enough time to play all the games I’m working through at the moment.  There’s been a pretty unprecedented collection of fantastic games across a few platforms heading up to the Christmas period this year. 

Trying to finish Call of Duty 4 (finally a “realistic” first person shooter where I get to NOT kill another type of Nazi… no mechaNazis, no mutantNazis, not RobotHitlers, quite a relief to not be killing hundreds of digital Germans..).  I’d probably recommend this, the AI is a little… straightforward’s, making use of pretty simple tricks to keep the game hectic (infinitely respawning mobs until you pass invisible checkpoints) which slightly undermines the gameplay and visuals, it’s a decent shooter, if one that can be bested by pure run and gun tactics.

About half way through Zelda DS, which is pretty fantastic, I just got stuck on a puzzle somewhere midgame and I’ve not had the time in my lunch hour to try work out how to progress a little further.  Least of all have I managed to work out how to shout,  clap and blow at my DS without looking like a drooling monkey.

Picked up Super Mario Galaxy at the weekend, and they’ve really nailed “definitive” 3d action platforming.  After the disappointment that was Mario Sunshine the back to basic approach that saw Nintendo success with New Super Mario Brothers on the DS appears to have translated both very well and very imaginatively into MarioWii.

I’ve still not finished Bioshock, love it, but I just lost momentum when one of the Warcraft patches hit…

Speaking of which, World of Warcraft 2.3… my main character is a Marksman hunter, I got lots of nice DPS buffs with the Zul Aman patch, but a huge reliance on mana potions and excessively expensive reputation arrows from Karazhan (80 silver a stick with exalted).  It’s definitely caused a little frustration on my part as a raid leader, just because I’m slightly worried about my ability to sustain my current gold bleeding without extensive farming sessions.  Considering a beast mastery raiding build as a half answer to this as the consumable / mana expenditure is less in high end raids whilst the DPS is (albeit slightly unfairly) a little higher than my traditional pure marks build.

The Simpsons game… was amusing, but really I’ve got half way through and tired of it pretty quickly.  Dodgy collision detection and a quite frankly dull game really can be a bit of a turn off.  I’ll probably trade it in (probably the first game I’ve traded in about 3 years or so) when Mass Effect hits this week, because if any game looks like epic sci-fi sex, Mass Effect really is it.  And it even features epic sci-fi interspecies relations, which has to say at least something about Bioware.

I should probably also get wrong to finishing The Longest Journey.  I’d generally reserved it for train rides to and from London but ZeldaDS stole a little of it’s thunder of late.  Regardless, even though I’ve not finished it (and will not play Dreamfall until I do), it’s already up there amongst my favorite adventures (Grim Fandango et al.).

I guess Crysis is coming out too, and I should get round to Half Life: Ep2, seeing as I bought the Orange Box and I’ve only really got round to Portal thus far.

Busy gaming season, the cake really is a lie, just go read for some real opinions.