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After such radio silence…

Monday, July 30th, 2007

I’ve not given up just yet.

I’ve been at the new job a month (well, 6 weeks) or so, and I’m enjoying it.  Generally that is, I have a few slight thoughts in the back of my mind that aren’t 100% positive about the experience so far, but they’re just niggles, and rather insignificant.  Spending most of my days at the moment building a comprehensive nHibernate based domain model, developed test-first (nUnit) following the Factory model.  Also dabbling / gearing up Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow things, with a view to start looking into the Presentation Foundation pretty shortly.  So anyone that’s “in to .NET” would probably agree it’s some of the most interesting stuff to be doing at the moment.  If you’re curious about any of the above, a cool / interesting place to start would be sticking “nHibernate OR mapping”, “Castle Windsor” and “.NET” in to your search engine of choice and enjoying the occasionally mind bending read.

I’ll write in a little more detail on some of the more technical topics at a later (hopefully not much later) date, so I’ll leave it at that for the moment.

Warcraft?  What’s Warcraft?  I jest.  Running and clearing Karazhan weekly (well, twice weekly technically), done Maulgar, 32% of Gruul, going to plan I’d say.  Perhaps a bit to big a margin for error currently to be doing lootreaver successfully just yet.  Interesting times though, I think I’m starting to burn out a little so I’m going to try and not play in such a “hardcore” manner for the next couple of weeks.

I’ve just spent an hour and a half cleaning up my .NET native wrap of SpamAssassin compiled across for Win32 to run on my webserver.  It’s the kind of application that I’d classify as “0.1 Alpha” at best, however, it seems to be doing the trick, it’s not *too* inefficient (however it doesn’t use spamd, it just throws email at an instance of SpamAssassin.exe after monitoring directories on a timed basis. which is so clunky it’s untrue) and it works well as a scheduled task in windows.  Not too bad for an afternoons work out of necessity.  I might upload it / stick it online after some code cleanup.  I’m not really too sure about it, I guess I’d do it if there were any interest, but as it’s a bit of a clunky wrap around spam assassin I doubt anyone’d be really interested.  Either way, its quite nice as it works with any mail server that stores mailboxes in plain text flat files without the mailserver in question ever having to know it’s there.  Sweeps up the proverbial crap from under it, as it were.  Cnsidering writing an equivalent to phpRaid/raider too, as they’re both awful…

Starting to read a little about numerology, something piqued my interest a little but I’m not sure how much credence I give it.  Interesting none the less.  I have another little project, but it’s all about time and enthusiasm.  Some artwork.  Well, a huge amount of it, I just have to actually get the time to follow through.

Other quick things?  Passed my driving test a mere 5 years later than most people my age, bought a car, going to start climbing this week, watched a bunch of films, probably going to buy a musical instrument or two in the next month (more on this later).  Listening to LV and remembering that we were really on to something.

Somehow still a wonderful quote, “Consequences be they may, I resolve to never change”.

Until next time x