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The Red Sea

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

The Red Sea

Zelda DS "The Phantom Hourglass".

Friday, March 9th, 2007

Kotaku just posted an epic looking trailer for the forthcoming Zelda DS game. Looks like an epic mixture of old and new school Zelda, honestly can’t wait.…

I was one of the 0.0000% of the world that actually loved the Windwakers art directing so to be honest, extra points for keeping it around.

Oh and I noticed yesterday that apparently Burnout 5 is out on the first of next month, another game I’m really looking forward to despite knowing nothing about. Burnout 3 was fantastic, Burnout 4 was Burnout 3.5, apparently they’re opening up the world in the new one, removing menus and making it a little more persistent. Dangerous to mess with something that works so brilliantly, but I’m tempted to throw a preorder in there anyway. I can’t seem to find any preview information on the game though, which makes me somewhat wary.

Nights Into Dreams on the Wii Virtual Console?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Sega of America appear to be running a poll on their website ( relating to a revival of a classic Sega franchise.

Perhaps by coincidence this poll appears to be on the Wii virtual console page, however if Sega do this especially for me, I’ll send them a cookie. Nights really was a revolutionary game in its time and with any luck the virtual console could more than do it justice.

I’d go as far as preferring a virtual console release of nights over an actual sequel, just the ability to play nights without hauling out a Saturn.

There also happen to be a bunch of other options, Streets of Rage, Samba Di Amigo, Virtua Cop, but really, Nights is the answer. Just don’t do a Sonic The Hedgehog on us.

For the uninformed…. might help persuade you.

New server, fresh start

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I’m going to start using this again, for the third time or so now?  I’ll backport perhaps a post or two, but apart from that I’m going to actually write something.  Getting the urge again.